Bike Repair

Rock’n Road Bicycle Repair Kelowna, BC
Owner-Operator Randy Caruso (250) 860-1984


The only full service bike shop in Kelowna is available to repairALL brands of bicycles.

shop2Why Rock‘n Road?
Rock‘n Road is an independent bike repair shop only. This gives you the advantage of a dedicated, full time bike mechanic to give his undivided attention to your precious ride. Committed to quality and guaranteed workmanship.
Getting you back on the trail is Rock‘n Road’s number one priority.
Service is # 1




Randy’s credentials:
-15 years bike mechanic experience
-Master wheel builder
-10 years head mechanic at Gerick Cycle
-Repairing both mountain and road bikes
-Servicing all brands of forks and shocks
-Servicing all brands of brakes and drivetrains
-Sram, Rock Shock Technical University ‘certified’
Local Kelowna cyclist since 1988



 Rock’n Road bicycle repair………. Please Call Randy (250) 860-1984
or email:


2260 Stillingfleet Rd. v1y 7y9 Kelowna, BC