Bike maintenance

February, 2009
HI there, fellow riders. It’s Randy from Rock’n Road with this month’s Tech Tips.
There are some things you should be doing before you ride your bike this spring.

Tech Tip 1. – If your tires have low pressure after the winter, that is normal. You should air them up to the recommended psi – this is shown on the side of the tire. Let them sit for a day or so, and if they are sill hard, you should be fine. If they are low again, get new tubes.

Tech Tip 2. – It’s a good idea to check the brake shoes on your bike. Disc brake pads have about 2mm of pad on them when new. If there is less than 1mm you should replace them soon. If you don’t, you could wear down to the disc and then you might have to replace the disc as well. And if you have V-brakes or cantilever brakes, there are wear lines on the pads. If you can’t see the lines, or they are low, you might need to replace them.

Just a couple of things to look for.

Bye for now,

Randy at Rock’n Road